Friday, July 29, 2022

Casse-o-player(MOD,cut out ads)

Casse-o-player(MOD,cut out ads)

Stylish cassette player in your phone!

Do you like the charm of old analog cassette tapes? Use Casse-o-player - cassette deck in your phone! All you need from audio player, plus a library of the most legendary and stylish cassette tapes from the first in market in 1960th to the top-level chrome and metal tapes from 1990th. All the cassette tapes are fully animated and recreated with great care in details.

With this player, you will receive:

• accurate models of 63 classic compact cassettes from 1960-2000

• showing cassette in a compact or full-screen mode

• 4 skins: beige, aluminium, black brushed metal and carbon

• realistic animation of reels and tape

• rewind the tape in cassette deck style with sound effect (press and hold Back/Next buttons)

• level meters and LED-indicators like in the vintage reel recorders and cassette decks

volume control in analog style

Also you will receive standard audio-player functions:

• creating a playlist from the list of songs, albums, artists and folders

• managing playlists

• re-sizable widget 3ั…1 (can be re-sized to 4ั…1, 5ั…1)

• playback control buttons in Android notification area (for Android 4.1 and higher)

• playback control using headset buttons (single, double, triple-click)

• auto-pause when headphones are unplugged

• auto-updatable songs library 

• play music in the background

MOD info

  • cut out ads.


Additional Information:

App NameInfo
Current Version:3.1.4
App Size:28.3MB
  • Zip Download(61.2mb)