Friday, July 15, 2022

Carbon VPN Pro(MOD,Patched/Premium)

Carbon VPN Pro(MOD,Patched/Premium)

 Carbon VPN uses leading systems and features to give users the best user experience when connecting to VPNs while accessing websites or more. Any structure or personal information will be concealed through it, giving them better or unlimited access speed. On top of that, they can access locally banned websites and even play locally unsupported games with the freedom to do many things.


Connecting to any VPN changes the user’s internet profile and compatibility with the servers they’re connected to, making them users in that country. That gives them a lot of activity or big changes in internet speed to use those exclusive services in that country or access many other things.


The best thing about using a VPN is its endless internet speeds, so users can comfortably use anything, like downloading multiple files, streaming media, and more. That also helps in gaming, and players can directly switch to the servers where the games are located for the most consistent speeds possible.


Connect to over 50 VPN servers worldwide with a tap and start experiencing boundless services and advantages upon connecting to any server.

Unlimited speed when accessing any websites to do various things such as downloading files, streaming media, or playing games with better ping.

Access any blocked websites or content without restraints to freely enjoy any content or download banned files from foreign countries.

Absolute privacy and protection when using public WiFi or accessing any websites, and users will get a notification with malicious websites.

Wide ranges of customizations to have the best users experience when using VPNs for various purposes, especially interacting with the content blocked locally.

MOD info

  • Premium
  • Patched

Additional Information:

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Current Version:5.8
App Size:16.1MB