Saturday, December 18, 2021

ID Photo (MOD,Premium Unlocked)

ID Photo (MOD,Premium Unlocked)

ID Photo has officially been born, and this is an effective tool to help you complete the appropriate identification. This photography application will let you have photos for jobs that need profile pictures. It doesn’t take too long, but just using this photography process, everything will gradually become more accessible than ever. Interestingly, the application has just been updated and improved to serve users’ needs to solve all related tasks.


You tell the application what the purpose of the use is, then the application will provide special help to the user. ID Photo is divided into different purposes, and depending on the purpose, and the ID photo format is slightly different. There are many purposes such as records, identification documents, … and the ratio will also be completely different.


It is known that ID Photo has an authentic photography program to serve essential things such as identification documents, records, etc. Everything is perfect and the way to create the focus is also significant. Because the photos are created, they must always focus on appearance, background, and related features to create the complete whole.


Because this is a special application involving important papers, users need to choose the right ratio before doing so. There are many different scale frames, and each scale frame will have its own characteristics. Depending on the purpose of, chooseoose the most appropriate ratio possible so as not to spend too much time changing.


This application is more special because it uses effective anti-virus software. The software keeps our images from being leaked to the outside because there are many malicious code attacks. Limit the situation of stealing your own image to spread bad news to hinder everything.


The application blocks ads to help limit bad news sources from entering. The interesting thing is that limiting ads keeps the application in a normal state and consumes less unnecessary space.


Depending on your needs, you can make a card directly or print it out and make a record. The output image is very easy and does not take too much time to convert and the quality is guaranteed.

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  • Premium Unlocked


Additional Information:

App NameInfo
Current Version:8.2.3
App Size:11.7MB