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Temple Run 2 (MOD,Unlimited Money/Diamonds)

Temple Run 2 (MOD,Unlimited Money/Diamonds)


Temple Run 2 is attractive, and its speed and difficulty become famous over time as it tests players' reactions intensely.

Your path is eternal.  You can always run it if you do not overcome any obstacles.  This is the rule of the game.  Many people may think it is "too simple", but every game has its drawbacks.  Demonstrate your ability to avoid and avoid significant obstacles in Temple Run;  It is more unique than ever.  Come back with something new.  It is a mobile game.  Enjoy the dangerous and exciting action in this game.

Control to avoid dangerous areas
The gameplay is similar to the original, but Temple Run 2 has a few improved features that make it even more appealing to players.  Are you running a long race without a competitor?  Is it too soft?  It's a challenging solo game.  You do not have to fight with competitors to get on the road.  Instead, huge obstacles and dangerous places are always waiting for you, and if you do something wrong, you can lose it right away.

As soon as you see a cliff that is considered to be the most dangerous place, go quickly;  May fall into the lake.  At that point, the game ends immediately and you have to start over.  In addition,  You are in the wilderness;  Characters need to be quickly controlled to escape the mines and the road from the dangerous source.  Run at full speed to avoid the cursed idols.  There are so many dangers around you.  It is very dangerous.  How to run?

Beautiful new graphics
All images and environments created in Temple Run 2 are realistic and beautiful.  You control your player character to complete the running process and overcome thousands of complex challenges.  You are dragged into this endless race.  You will feel that you can die at any time with innumerable dangers.  Every detail is meticulously and beautifully designed.  Each detail provides a more complete game than ever before.

New organizational environment
Quickly control your character to be flexible to avoid dangers.  Perform beautiful jumps;  Show me a lovely path through different environments.  Switching between settings is completely random and you do not notice anything.  It can flow skillfully on the water.  It can float in the air and reach the ground.  Regardless of the environment.  It will help if you are careful not to fall into the abyss.  Quickly  Be careful.  Save money along the way to help with future work.

New challenges
Your challenge  There are always obstacles to increasing unrivaled competition.  But you will be confused by hundreds of different obstacles.  Trees suddenly appeared on the road.  Swipe down to avoid touching the tree.  If you make a mistake you will probably die or be cursed.  There are also many high false barriers, such as “rainbows” or different trees.  The character needs to swipe down to sleep and avoid obstacles.

If you are not careful, a big hole will suddenly appear.  If you do not pay attention, you will lose your life.  All your efforts will be in vain.  Lots of small objects popping up on the side of the road like boulders.  So to avoid  You have to control the character to deceive.  Take advantage of the collection of different coins that you can use to buy other special powers.

Special power
Jumping with normal skills is possible;  But it is possible to maintain a better life.  Gathering various special powers to help you overcome great obstacles will help.  Temple Run 2 has some new features that can help you with some unique powers.  You can use your power at random when the required power bar is displayed on the screen.  You can play again at that level, even if you fall into a precipice.  Use only green gems collected while running.  In other words, players can play online and buy them in stores.

New achievements and special abilities of each character
While running  At the end of each turn you will collect a lot of mysterious breasts.  Your death will open that secret gift.  In addition, you can collect many precious diamonds depending on your abilities.  If you have enough diamonds, you can buy / unlock your favorite character.  Each character purchased from a character available at the beginning of the game has a special type of ability.  Everything is new and especially appealing to the players.

There is no time limit.  You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.  If you do your best, you will become the first Temple Run 2 to achieve many valuable achievements.  If you unlock a lot of new characters, you can play back and forth between different characters.  The game character escapes from a giant gorilla and collects many valuables.

MOD info

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Diamonds


Additional Information:

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Current Version:1.82.1
App Size:132.9MB