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Call Recorder – Cube ACR (MOD, PRO Unlocked)

Call Recorder – Cube ACR (MOD, PRO Unlocked)

Today, with the advancement of science and technology, more and more intelligent applications are born with significant and substantial benefits in our lives. When we make necessary calls and want to keep that call to review it for essential things. Cube ACR is technically the most technically advanced call recording app available today. The app allows to record phone calls and VoIP, and it also supports call recording for most versions of Android devices. This is the most efficient recording app and works best because of its unique features. In the article below, I will clarify how this application works and its optimal features.

Call Recorder – Cube ACR is an application developed to save all the files and files of phone calls that you have made through your smartphone, allow you to record those recordings any time you want. Also, a highlight and appeal to many users of the app are that this tool automatically records everything you say on your mobile device when you speak to someone and adds a pop button off automatically on the call screen to start recording.

Calling recording sounds fun and helps you keep memories, memorable moments with someone you love, or secret recordings for significant work in life. Still, You also have to be careful because the recording of this call in some countries requires the two parties’ consent to be recorded.

Cube ACR is a simple, effective, and lightweight application that helps you record phone calls on your smart device. This application works on most smartphone devices quickly, easily, and completely free of charge. The app will also show options to record everything automatically or add a button to the call home screen to allow users to record more quickly.

Information files or files will be stored and arranged in many different ways, including sort by date, time, or file size. However, another exciting option limited to the app’s paid version is to save recordings to Google Drive or Dropbox automatically. The process of starting recording is straightforward and fast, and the call quality in the recording is still the same as the original, so users do not have to worry about being unusable.

If you want to track and make sure you received information about calls, the Cube ACR application is the best suitable. The app allows you to choose one of the options for recording, from manual recording to automatic recording, and besides, it will start working the next time your phone rings. You can record manually by turning on the app and selecting the call recording function you want. While automatic recording, you will choose the quick record button above the screen, and from the next call, the app recording will automatically start.

Besides, the app’s compatibility is very high. It works well with all the latest sounds of many mobile devices and saves the audio in various formats for easier sharing. The app will record your calls in high-quality audio files, and then you can export them to other devices more easily.

Cube ACR helps you to automatically save calls to Google Drive and restore them when something goes wrong. Besides, calls are saved in various audio formats with different quality, such as mp4 format or other higher quality formats. The application also has a PIN to protect your recordings by the curiosity of others.

Shake to mark is a special feature in the app, shaking your phone while recording to highlight important parts of the conversation, making it easier to find after recording a call. The application also stores very intelligently by automatically deleting old recordings without staring or skipping recordings, short recording calls. Besides, the application will immediately stop playing, sharing, or deleting the recording after you stop the conversation to avoid unfortunate risks.

Cube ACR is the most advanced call recording app ever with attractive features for its users. Download the app and record your loved one’s and friends’ loving moments and words and keep beautiful memories.

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