Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Magic Tiles 3 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Magic Tiles 3 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

You are a music lover and want to enjoy music.  Suppose you want to hold your hand on a key.  Interesting sound?  Come to Magic Tiles 3 to experience the best piano game.  It's great to have this game available for free on your mobile phone.  This is a special game for different piano genre games.  Playing the game will attract even more great players.

Rules of the game

Similar to other piano games.  This is a game with a basic game and could be better.  The rules of the game are not very difficult.  Players only need to touch the black tiles on the screen.  The more you tap, the more you scroll up the screen.  At that time, many other white and white cells will appear.  Players have fast hands,  The eye must be fast enough not to touch the white cells.  If you break it, you will lose immediately.  In addition, you have to follow the orders of black cells.  Do not jump to run ahead.  If violated, the game ends immediately.

The Magician 3

Lots of music & HOT sounds GENRES
It's not just about the game.  You will be attracted to music that is easy to remember.  Many types of music are included by the producer.  You can feel all the music in a gentle way.  POP  EDM  Many genres of music, such as classical or Latin,… each genre will give you different songs.  At that time, you can choose the music that suits your mood.  Music can soothe your mind and bring you happy times

Always update and give players the best experience.  Magic Tiles 3 always gives players the happiest and most exciting moments.  When participating in this game,  You both get hit while playing games and listening to great music.  When you play the game, you will feel complete.  Just like you create your own music, this game brings the latest and greatest in the market.  Always updated with the hottest songs.  The choice between the latest songs does not bore you.

One became a pianist

When you start a new job, everyone is worried and makes mistakes.  In Magic Tiles 3, you lose your fear very quickly, just like when you started a path.  Choose your favorite song to get started as a great musician.  You will be immersed in music.  Feel the "jump" key on your hands.  You will really feel when you touch the black keys.  The success of music begins with the key.

Click on the title

When playing with white keys and keys, you must touch the black squares until the end of the song in addition to the rules.  Touching multiple keys at high speed will easily beat you.  In addition to the two color squares above, there are also blue cells when music peaks.  Players will hold the keys at the end of the square.  Only then will you be better.  You will be able to create a rhythmic song.  Players must also be careful and each tile will fall in turn.  If You Make a Mistake - Over the Game!

Multiple Game MODES

This is the main mode of play.  But in the settings, players can choose the battles.  Choose the song you like and invite people who are interested.  Two people compete.  See who wins.  Compare yourself to simple songs.  Be careful not to make small mistakes.  You could even lose a gentle touch.  Be careful not to make mistakes.  Be careful.

Valuable prize

Magic Tiles 3 does not offer as many gifts and accessories as other types.  Players will win by setting a record in each lane.  You will get valuable “diamonds” parts.  It will get you excited to play.  Or after each win,  You will unlock a random song.  Maybe this is your favorite song for a long time.  Players can use the diamonds to buy one or more of their favorite songs.  Try to get more unique gifts.

VIP Feature

It's a free game, but you might be surprised at its unique features.  Currently the game has special features in the VIP feature.  With this feature you will not be bothered by third party bullshit ads.  Plus, you can instantly unlock up to 5,000 hottest songs.  Extra  You will play non-stop with free redemption (do not buy diamonds).

MOD info

  • Auto Perfect
  • Slow down 50%
  • No Ads
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Diamond





Additional Information:

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Current Version:8.034.002
App Size:94.9MB