Saturday, July 17, 2021



Telecom Health and Health Information is shared with the people of Myanmar.

  24/7 Tele-healthcare and health information sharing for Myanmar people everywhere with internet access.

  EZ Care is a free mobile application developed by the Eazy Health Team in Myanmar during the epidemic and crisis.

  EZ Care is easily accessible to Myanmar people everywhere.  Comprehensive primary health care;  It aims to assist the health care system in Myanmar by providing special visits to patients and providing health information through this app.  Even people in inaccessible areas can be visited by skilled health care providers and improve their health care and quality of life.

  How does this work?
  For the Aden (Doctor) app,
  You are free to register as a practicing physician.  Once approved by the EZ Care management team, you can consult with your patients and visit them.
  - Clinics;  Pharmacies;  For lab owners, you can freely register your healthcare services and share your information free of charge.  You can communicate with your customers by text message through your app.
  - For social workers / organizations;  Feel free to register your work / ambulance services to extend your hand to people.

  For user (patient) app
  Depending on your needs, you can find and make an appointment with the doctor you want.  Location, disease, etc.
  Hospitals;  Clinics;  Contact pharmacies or  You can communicate by voice.
  You can call an ambulance with just one click.


Additional Information:

App NameInfo
Current Version:0.0.4
App Size:2.05MB