Friday, March 25, 2022

REFACE (MOD, PRO Unlocked)

REFACE (MOD, PRO Unlocked)

Face swap is one of the most popular jokes online.  Take two selfies together but on one person's face to create a funny effect.  So far it has not been as fun as before.  But it does make the user laugh a lot.  As long as people want to use it,  These types of applications will continue to be released.  REFACE - Face swap Videos is one of the most popular and used applications.

  Simple steps and easy to use application

  All you have to do is download the application and it will get its features without having to go through any steps.  First, there are some tips to guide you.  Taking one in the middle of this screen will bring a Selfie option so you do not have to wait any longer.  You can change the video yourself just like you close your eyes and follow the on-screen instructions.  You do not need to learn how to use it, nor do you need to read the manual.  The test will teach you everything.  In the next step, the main characters are arranged directly below, so there will be many videos you can make.  You need to touch everything and have fun with what you have.

  Your selfies will reach the highest quality

  Many other apps require you to take a lot of photos so they can see your face.  This is quite true if you want the best face and the right job.  But you don't have to go through many steps for an app that focuses on fun.  Just take your own selfie and the app will do everything.  You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo.  REFACE's AI to do everything for you.  Depending on the quality of the camera, your photos will be included in the video along with the quality.  In general, the current mobile phone is enough to create the perfect job.

  The output video will be of the highest quality.  This means that the templates are made with very high quality.  Your face details will be replaced by the faces of famous actors.  In general, everything is to fully adjust the HD in the main stage.  The larger your camera, the better.  The more realistic your videos, the better.

  Lots of different videos to choose from

  It would be like a joke.  You use these Face Swap videos to trick your friends into thinking they are a Hollywood movie.  So there are many sample videos applied to the camera.  You just need a selfie - your face will be put into the video rather than the artist's face.  If you love music, you probably want to stand on a stage like Justin Bieber.  Sometimes you want to be the most popular superhero Spider-Man.  Sometimes you just want to be strong like Rock Johnson.  All of these videos will be collected and framed from top to bottom.  You can scroll freely and find out which video you want to use.  After a few seconds of touching it, you will become a famous prince.

  New videos will be updated daily.  You will easily become famous when you like it.  Sometimes there will be videos or characters that you like;  However, this application has not been upgraded yet.  Leave your comments to let the production team know your requirements.  Everything will be updated quickly to meet the needs of users

  A network that is closely linked to a unique social network helps to identify users

  Once you have made these videos, it is impossible to avoid sharing them with your friends.  If you download your video to your device and post it on social media, it will take a lot of effort.  Many complex steps greatly reduce the quality of the video.  "REFACE: face swap videos" will save you time by connecting directly to many popular social networks.  Take a selfie and use the AI ​​/ ML exchange method.  just a moment,  Then link directly to social links.  You can easily get a complete video conversion in 3 steps.

MOD info

  • Disabled watermark on added photos and videos.
  • PRO functions and PRO section are unlocked!


Additional Information:

App NameInfo
Current Version:2.10.0
App Size:31.2MB