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Mad Skills Motocross 2 (MOD, Rockets/All Unlocked)

Mad Skills Motocross 2 (MOD, Rockets/All Unlocked)

Are you a fast-paced politician? Do you want to get excited?  Or do you want to explore exciting and interesting phrases?  One tip for you is Mad Skills Motocross 2.  It is an exciting racing game combined with exciting character creation and will give players the most comfortable and comfortable experience.

  Unique physics features of car racing

  Mad Skills Motocross 2 possesses the best and most modern racing physics features in today's popular gaming community.  You will be amazed at the performance of the racing cars designed in this game.  The control system will give you the brakes and gas buttons on the left.  The player can support back and forth.  It offers precise control and better traction through difficult roads.  The more routes you encounter, the more you like the game.

  Each race passes through 12 different racing cars

  Players will pass 12 race cars in each level.  In each car, the speed,  There are different controls and controls.  One of the secrets that makes it so easy for players to win is to sit on the wheel.  But if you sit too far away or you will argue, it will be a coincidence.  So own a good race car to dominate the race.  So immerse yourself in the racers to explore the amazing and intense racing of Mad Skills Motocross 2.

  New racing car design  You can make different customizations.

  With the new design, racing cars can change the color of the race car and the driver's other accessories.  In addition, players can add their favorite numbers to their bike's license plate.  If you are fast enough, you can get a quality Red Bull helmet for safety during the race.

  New  Attractive single player mode "Versus"

  The game is equipped with a unique "Versus" mode that can attract many players.  The player can choose a friend or opponent for the game available in the game.  In addition, the player can choose a random route.  The best time for a player to take part in the tournament is just 2 minutes.  Then other competitors will win at that time.  Each time a player wins, the player receives XP and is allowed to gain valuable items.

  Many new features appear at each stage.

  Mad Skills Motocross 2 builds many interesting stories and tracks and allows players to complete challenges while playing.  Beat different opponents with different opponents.  Your challenge is to compete with strong competitors.  They are considered the strongest in each race.  In addition, players will unlock the race and many other useful items when they win each tournament.

  Lots of exciting weekly competition opportunities

  Mad Skills Motocross 2 also introduces an online race called JAM.  There will be competition between you and other players from around the world.  Refreshes episodes weekly.  JAM competition is one of the most interesting and addictive experiences of this game.  You can ask your friends and any other player around the world.  In particular, you can follow the races of real-life cyclists to learn their skills and practice their special skills.

  Other features of the game

  When participating in races, players can customize their missiles to help you overcome difficult levels and easily overcome opponents.  In addition, the game is popular on social networks such as Facebook,  You can also connect to Twitter or Google Play.  It syncs your gaming experience and purchases across devices.  Plus, you get the most out of HD gaming for the ultimate gaming experience.  A small note for the players.  This is a free downloadable game, but some games will cost you real money to buy.  In addition, players will receive advertisements for Turborilla products and products from selected partners when playing Mad Skills Motocross.

  These attractive features and tasks will surely make you want to experience it.  If you want to experience exciting racing and exciting racing, install this unique Mad Skills Motocross 2 racing game now.

MOD info

  • Unlimited Rockets/All Unlocked


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Current Version:2.33.4403
App Size:80.9MB