Saturday, August 28, 2021


I want to relax with my friends.  If you want to have fun, it is best to go to the movies.  In addition, movies are categorized into different categories for everyone to enjoy.  Everyone has a favorite genre and will watch the movie for entertainment.  There are many programs on the market today that can help moviegoers.  However, VIU is one of the most powerful applications in the world.


The VIU homepage is designed in a colorful and beautiful setting.  In addition, the homepage is divided into several different tabs for quick user access.  These tabs allow users to view,  Intended to save completed and favorite movies.  The home page is also a place to showcase popular movies from around the world.  If users do not know which movie to watch, they can choose the movie recommended by "Viu" based on the user's activity history.

  In short.  The homepage will be the best place for users to choose a movie to watch quickly in their spare time.

  The home page also has a tab for the user to embed the whole movie figures.  Movies that are on the market or have the most views of the week will immediately appear on the homepage for users to follow.  This application will list all the movies in the region to suit the culture of many viewers.


  "Viu"'s smart search engine surpasses other capabilities and applications.  As long as the user enters the movie keywords, the system will immediately display the relevant search results.  In addition to entering keywords related to the movie title, you can also search by actor or director's name.  The app will even take users directly to the exclusive buttons of famous actors and movies that have been involved throughout their acting careers.

  The search engine has another feature that helps users find their favorite categories.  Users can enter a category name directly into the search bar.  Just more than one tag.  After deciding which tags the user wants to search for, it will display user-relevant results.  This is a unique feature that sets "Viu" apart from other popular applications.

  Exhibitions and plays

  In addition to upgrading films from around the world, "Viu" will also bring TV presenters from Korea and other Asian countries.  Even viewers can watch live TV without watching any moment.

  Viewers are too busy at work.  Watch it live  If not, they can go to the TV station and watch the series again.  Every broadcaster has regular events and the latest news.  In addition, if the user obeys the broadcaster, it will be notified immediately of any new activity.

You can access all content in VIU and download it to watch offline.



Additional Information:

App NameInfo
Current Version:1.1.8
App Size:21.3MB