Saturday, October 24, 2020

QuickSave for lnstagram

QuickSave for lnstagram


Save, download, repost photo and video for Instagram with easiest, fastest way

QuickSave for Instagram is 100% FREE app that help you save / download / repost and share public Instagram Photo and Video to your device.

QuickSave for Instagram with more than 3 million users is the most favorite, fastest app that help you save / download / repost public Instagram social network Album , Photo and Video to your phone. 

Do you love Instagram and photo / video from it and want to bookmark it?

Do you want to download these photos / videos to your phone? Let's use QuickSave.

***NOTICE: Please read GUIDELINES and watch Demo Video carefully before download and using this application



Just 3 steps with QuickSave:

1. Open QuickSave first, start service

2. Open Instagram, Tap Menu or Send button then choose “Copy Link” on photo/video you want to save

3. Back to Quick Save, download photo/video you love or swipe to dismiss, repost or share to Insta social if you want

***NOTICE: With Android 10(Q) and above, please use "Share To" and choose QuickSave or Paste URL Link into URL Box in QuickSave then Hit Download button.

***NOTICE: IG users who set their photo/video to private don't allow you to download their photo, so please do not try to save / download these photos


Easiest and fastest way to save beautiful, meaningful photo and video from Instagram social then repost them if you like. We also support download multiple photos in a post from Instagram social network and IGTV stories. 

Additional Information:
App NameInfo
Current Version:2.3.8
App Size:6.58MB