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ImageMeter Pro

ImageMeter Pro

ImageMeter - Photo Measure allows users to instantly use their phones to measure the distance between photos. It is an architectural masterpiece. Carpenters; Or it would be a suitable application for frequent builders to measure actual distances, such as construction engineers. In addition, ImageMeter Pro allows users to save images or notes to images and export them at the same time. In this way you do not have to draw many sketches with cryptic symbols. When you look at your design, your customers do not need a headache.

Basic Features

This is an essential program when it comes to measuring everything in front of your eyes. Cloud and distance from you (hehe)

Measurement tools

ImageMeter allows users to measure distances such as poles through the image. Simply capture the image and "ImageMeter" will work for you. In addition, users can measure multiple distances at the same time. In addition, other parameters such as the angle or diameter of the circle can be easily made and the results are very accurate. So what can ImageMeter do? How does it work?

Work mechanism

ImageMeter provides very specific parameters. There is at least a difference. This application works based on calculation tools. First, you will need to adjust the virtual plane to match the details of the image. Second, you need to enter a few criteria as the basis of the calculation for "ImageMeter". If you have the requirements, the distance, All values ​​for all objects in a given angle or distance must be known. Just draw a line that corresponds to the length in the image and the missing parameters will appear. This will result because the application automatically calculates the proportion of the section you are looking for and compares it with the original information. Therefore, as long as the user provides the correct data, the information obtained will be very accurate.

Special Features

This unique feature will show why this app sells so well

Notes for Work

Users can write and write handwritten essays on photos. No need to draw complicated sections; Now you need to take a picture and handle "ImageMeter". Allows users to write text on photos to save notes.

Connect to other devices

ImageMeter can be connected to Bluetooth through a laser meter. Users only need a connection.

Generally, ImageMeter is an effective application to work on. It makes your work faster and easier, and most importantly, less stressful. Since this app supports many types of calculations, users do not have to calculate each tier of fatigue. However, the calculation distance cannot be 100% accurate. And then there would be a small error when compared to the actual distance. Therefore, "ImageMeter" should be used only to estimate jobs that require accuracy and expertise. But try "ImageMeter" for a draft that doesn't require high accuracy.


Additional Information:

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Current Version:3.6.1
App Size:18.4MB

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