Tuesday, June 16, 2020



 FIFA SOCCER 2019 - By the end of the year, the sports market is hotter than ever. The season is over, and the club's players are starting to move players. Club changes and changes that change their staff. And this invisibility has caused turmoil in the sports simulator market. In addition, football is one of the most attractive markets.

PON 2019 was recently released on Android and iOS. The FIFA action may be a response to KONAMI. To know where the game is, let's wait a moment.

Expected sports game this year

Current FIFA We can see that soccer games like Football Manager or Top Eleven are upgrading their version of 2019. All of them have new features to bring in players and to make improvements to satisfy their longtime players. FIFA SOCCER Mobile 2019 is an EA football product. Yesterday we started with its beta version of Google Play. Within a few hours, more than 100,000 downloads of this medium were available. Indeed, This is a very good signal for the newly released football game. In the future, the names will be at the same level as the names mentioned earlier.

New club new player new football field

It is basically similar to most of the same game genres but is provided by EA publishers for the best graphics. This will be a regular product from this publisher. This is the first time a game has been searched for, but no updates have been made to stabilize the game's operating mechanism. But of course, the test player still has the essence of fighting each other.

Players can experience the game and see the game's first feature on their own devices. The size of the game depends on the operating system you are using. However, the graphics of the game are medium and beautiful in 3D. FIFA SOCCER Mobile 2019 will create the ball in the third scene.


11 v 11 is still a basic form of football, so players will play regular football. With the Analog Stick and the right button, you can control everything in the field. The game system will automatically identify the player in the direction of the ball. The action buttons are flexible, depending on the football situation on the field. Transit Handling and handling are also flexible.

The FIFA SOCCER 2019 game is in beta, but players can fully utilize this feature. Even in-app purchases. These games are available even when the game is officially launched.


Additional Information:

App NameInfo
Current Version:13.1.11
App Size:84.53MB