Thursday, June 25, 2020

eFootball PES 2020

eFootball PES 2020

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. As a result, he has a huge audience. So football is becoming an E-sport. Football fans watch the ball. They want to watch for hours. People spend more time playing games. They will play. Also, people who don't have time to play football. In fact, there are many branches of this type of football game. Team management; Card games, Role playing games match the main theme of the game with the main ball game.

2020 gift for UEFA Champions League season

PES is one of the biggest brands in the industry outside of FIFA. So it is clear that they will always have new updates to attract the player. We can see that there are many events each year for the real football market. You can also update the game with new players or new players to satisfy the fans. PES 2020 is the best game this season, except for FIFA 2020. Konami has announced that players will have a 2020 version with Android Engine & More soon.

New teams, New players; New coaches

Normally, Google's main download site will receive the first version of Android for mobile-powered devices. Konami said the game will be available on the Google Play site in December, so it's time for the developer to revamp everything that players can play in the next few months. According to another official announcement, the game's title formula will be "changed".

Improved 3D graphics

This means that artificial intelligence will become more powerful. In addition, the publisher support system will have a new service template and a screen. In addition, the game will naturally enhance the quality of the game. The players will be in good health with the football. Speed; Moves around the field with the players, with time and physics.

Compared to the 2019 version, the new 2020 test is completely redesigned with new players. The graphics of the grass become even more accurate when the player feels smoother and the color changes. This version was included in the current version of 2019 but only changed the name. But with its active interface, the player can easily handle the player. It also incorporates beautiful visual effects that make playing the game professional and scientific.


If the game does not work, you may need a US IP address to start the game (try using the ExpressVPN)


Additional Information:

App NameInfo
Current Version:4.6.0
App Size:1.6GB