Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Earth Protect Squad (MOD, Free Shopping)

Earth Protect Squad (MOD, Free Shopping)

Earth Protect Squad is a third-person shooter action game with amazing 3D graphics. In this game, players will not only be able to experience awesome battles, but will be able to use countless different modern weapons. But these games are not the ones that make this game interesting, but its cooperative features and forms. Of course, players will join their friends to help one another fight and help one another survive the mission.


Earth Protect Squad's game is interesting, and there are plenty of players to experience during the game. Players can participate in unique missions to earn special rewards or to participate in team battles. However, the difficulty of the game depends on the type of mission the player plays. If they are involved in attacking their players, The mission of the mission is to increase and resources will be scarce. But the reward is that people are looking to use them to upgrade or buy new items.

The game's control mechanism matches the player's three-dimensional mechanics and provides smooth control of the player during the game. Even the players are flexible. You can make actions, and so on, become more flexible. In addition, the game will provide automation aimed at helping players become more accurate with their guns. The third perspective will help players get a better experience, which is a survival game that needs to be careful about their surroundings. If the player wants a different experience, they can move to the first corner.

During the war, players can use other aids to deal with difficult situations. However, equipment is restricted and players can refill in certain areas. The players can bring whatever they want, which makes the character class different and players can build different strategies.

Arsenal have plenty of options for deciding which players and equipment to carry. Weapons are divided into different categories depending on the style of each person. If a player uses a variety of weapons, that would be a huge advantage on the battlefield. Equipment can be divided into different types; Examples of Armor Accessories and gadgets. Depending on the player's attack style, they will select the most appropriate weapons and equipment.

Game mode is also what makes the game even more unique. In a single operation system, players need to achieve many different objectives. In addition, there are options. The players will then be rewarded. squad mode is a survival mode. Four people will work together to prevent attacks from animals on different maps. Squad mode is divided into two groups: This means that all the waves of the dragon can survive as long as they can. For survivors, the reward is generous and even powerful weapons or equipment are available.

MOD Info?

1. Unlimited Currency (use them to unlock equipment which need levels even values shown like normal)
2. Free Shopping
*Unconditional purchase of weapons


Additional Information:

App NameInfo
Current Version:1.94.64b
App Size:85.68MB