Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Tipitaka.app Chatta Sangayana

Tipitaka.app Chatta Sangayana

Contains the full Chatta Sangayana (6th Buddhist Council) text - Tipitaka, Atta, Tika, Anya
* Full Text Search with wild cards and word distance selection
* Sutta Name Search
* Dictionary Search - search 23 Pali dictionaries
* Pali Word Breakup
* Dark mode support
* Fully offline (no internet connection needed)
* Read Pali text in 18 different scripts

After downloading the app, open the app while you are still connected to the internet since an additional search database needs to be downloaded.

Click on any Pali word anywhere to lookup its meaning in a small window at the bottom of the screen.
Multiple tabs/columns can be opened to view Pali text side-by-side.
Offline apps are also available for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. Download from our website https://tipitaka.app
Tipitaka.app is a free software built and distributed as a Dhamma donation.

Fixed the broken Pali Script Converter
Fixed the database error on Android P
Added Burmese translations for the UI
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Additional Information:

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Current Version:1.2
App Size:90.MB