Thursday, May 28, 2020

Farming Simulator 18 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Farming Simulator 18 (MOD, Unlimited Money)


In the game, you will become a farmer, owning a farm full of cattle, pets, crops or business… Like other gardening games, the task is raising livestock, growing crops, harvesting and transporting, selling to earn income and expanding your farm. Diverse types of machines and tools support you completely free experience and discovery. More specifically, they are machines from the famous brand AGCO. Each type has a different function, maximizing your harvesting, cultivation, and breeding. Besides, there are also many kinds of plants, spoiled for cultivation and care.

Not only farming and livestock, but you can also trade the products produced from your crops or livestock. After harvesting, trade with local markets, earn interest on upgrades, specialized machinery, and equipment to maximize productivity. You can also raise dairy cattle to harvest milk and sheep for wool and yarn. If you have too many things to do, assign the character to auto-complete, equipped with AI, complete character set to complete the tasks specified and set. If your friends are passionate about the genre, let them play with you because games that support playing multiplayer.


One of the reasons Farming Simulator 18 is considered a rare and addictive game. 3D graphics, effects, items are designed in detail, sharp, extremely modern and beautiful. For a mobile game that says, really not much in other words is rare. GIANTS care for Farming Simulator 18 so much so that players have a realistic game experience, lively and deep. The game map is very wide, lively for the garden professionals online exploration, reclamation. Sound also contributes to the game’s authenticity. The navigation buttons are easy to manipulate, intuitive interface, vivid.


If you are a man of gardening, do not skip Farming Simulator 18. Imagine that Farming Simulator 18 will not be addictive, but it really makes the player crazy for hours. The world that the game brings, will really make you admire and constantly explore. Unfortunately, Farming Simulator 18 requires payment, but if it does, do not hesitate to download it.


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