Thursday, April 23, 2020

Football Live Scores

Football Live Scores

Description of Football Live Scores App

Football Live Scores is an application that summarizes the results of 10 sports from hundreds of top leagues around the world. Currently, it is available on mobile platforms (Android and iOS). Unlike the usual sports newspaper, Football Live Scores app helps you to update the latest news, results, squad of teams and leagues in real-time. 

Furthermore, you can watch live matches. The success of Football Live Scores is proven by over 30 million users worldwide, with a huge number of positive reviews. So we recommend that you try it now.

If you get Football Live Scores on Google Play, you will have to pay a monthly fee to receive special offers such as removing ads and member discounts. Of course, we understand that not everyone can make the payment. So we bring you the latest mod version of this app named Football Live Scores MOD. 

It will provide you with the more advanced features of the application and allows you to use them for free. Specifically:

*Remove the ad in the app
*Free Subscribed

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If you are looking for a diverse and rich sports news aggregation app, you should try Football Live Scores. In particular, you should download and use the application on our website. We provide you with the Mod version, which brings you the paid features for free.