Thursday, April 23, 2020

Angry Birds Rio v2.6.13

Angry Birds Rio v2.6.13

Description of Angry Birds RIO

Angry Birds Rio has similar gameplay to the Angry Birds versions. However, at this point , you'll experience an entire new story. rather than fighting pigs, the task of the player in Angry Birds Rio is to rescue captured birds. within the game, you've got to regulate the angle and force of the shoot to destroy the birdcages.

- Addictive gameplay
- Coins and power-ups

Power Potion: Make your birds bigger and stronger, helping you destroy many obstacles in round .

Sling Scope: Help your shot achieve absolute accuracy

TNT Drop: Drop 3 explosive boxes into random positions on the obstacles. they're going to explode when birds or objects fall under them.

Power of Samba: Causes the buildings shaking and even destroy them immediately.

Call the Flock: This item causes an excellent storm to destroy the obstacles.

- Mighty Eagle: Clear any level.

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Angry Birds Rio gives players a replacement experience and storyline. Besides, the gameplay is both familiar and strange. Victory depends totally on the skill of the player. Moreover, you'll use power-ups to beat difficult levels.

This is often a free game that comes with in-app purchases. Also, we bring you the newest mod version of the sport , so you'll download and install it for free of charge at the link below.