Thursday, March 19, 2020

Phone Spying

Phone Spying

New version of mobile phone software V2.0
You can hack your lover's phone
The update has made it a whole lot older than the previous one, so you can use a dual SIM card for dual SIM.
Its functions are:
Phone call ------------------------------------------------- ----------
No one calls my phone

You can do it
When a person calls, turn off your phone
If so, it's wrong
If so, click on it
It works!

Chat does not have to turn off your phone
You can use it as normal
All calls are blocked by Game

It's good for the workers.
You can also transfer phones.
You can make every call to your girlfriend or girlfriend by phone. Install this software on your girlfriend's phone and then tap Transfer Phone. Enter your phone number. If you do not, click Cancel.

Blacklist software is very clear.
It is also clear that you have blocked yourself

Yes. This software blocks it
No one knows.
When you transfer your phone, for example, your loved one
Add this software to your phone.
Click to transfer the phone and then your phone
Enter the number and then
Phone call to girlfriend
Each will come to you. Myself
Minutes from my girlfriend
It will run out, but it won't
Click Cancel to cancel.

Be careful
If MPT SIM users are unable to use this software, unzip the phone and power up the Sim 1 Sim2 location.
If not, then you have to install the SIM card for the phone.

Call off
------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------
It's an outgoing call on your phone
All will be closed
Call any phone when using
I don't have time, for example
You can't pick up your phone
Yes, you can
Press and then re-enable
Incoming message
By Phone Companies in Myanmar





They are sending daily
Notify me of promotional messages
People who don't want messages
Intended for I like it
Press and hold the button to close it. Message:
If you want it back, you can reopen it.
Thank you
Developer:Chan Myae Aung


Additional Information:

App NameInfo
Current Version:2.0
App Size:5.68MB