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Folder Lock Pro 2.3.9 APK for Android

Folder Lock Pro 2.3.9 APK for Android

With Folder Lock® Pro you can keep your personal files secure on Android phones such as passwords, photos, videos, documents, contacts, wallet cards, notes, and audio recording.
Your data is a clear and user-friendly interface to your cloud account lock-up back-drop box app. You can transfer files from Gallery, Camera, Phone, PC / Mac and Private Internet Browser.
Award-winning concept:
From the developers of the award-winning folder lock 7
"Editor's tips for PC Magazine"
"5 stars on CNET.com".
"# 1 Encryption Software Top Review Review.com".
Password protected privacy photos and videos:
Import photos and videos right from the folder lock user interface.
Secret audio files:
Stop others from finding your privacy files. This is a private conversation or a business mystery.
Lock the sensitive document:
Self-confidence stops sensory documents such as bank administration, tax return, company tables, and other private files
Safe wallet:
Make sure a wallet and store your sensitive information with a credit card, bank account, health card, passport, and other intelligence.
Record a secret voice note:
Record your secret ideas with a secret voice recorder and listen to your recording with an audio player.
Private Contact:
Create a secret contacts list and send a secret group
Cloud Backup:
Never lose your protected files and folders With the Cloud Backup feature, you can backup your data on a regular basis
Three entry types:
You can set a password, PIN, or pattern as your primary access lock.
Data Recovery:
You do not have to worry about losing your data in Folder Lock. This is a built-in data retrieval feature that allows users to retrieve deleted files and folders.
Wi-Fi File Transfer:
Your Wi-Fi connection allows you to safely transfer your private files and folders between different devices.
Other Security Features:
In Incognito Mode
The application hides the icon and prevents viewing of shoulder surfers
Decou Status
Create a false profile to prevent the user from accessing your real folder lock user account.
Panic switches (shake, flick or hold your fill on the screen)
Switch to another app with just shake
Safe Browser
You can download pictures and videos through a secure browser of folder lock.
Hack Monitor Monitor
Folder Lock automatically pulls images of time-stamped intruders.
Protect personal photos
Hide sensitive videos and pictures
Password protected, hidden audio
Lock important documents
Write a secure note
Record a voice note
Import saved contacts
Create a contact group
Secret contact group multiple sms
Secure browsers (no places and privacy is enabled)
Download files from the browser
Import files
SD card
PC / Mac
Safe Browser
Settings and Options
Hackers Detectives
Dicky password
Stop the attack of Brute Force
Snacks from unauthorized login attempts
Logs an unauthorized login attempt
Many abusive login attempts to stop
Backup password
Folder lock protects your data, especially if you want to share your phone with another person and hide some personal information.
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What is new?
Small bugs fixed
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